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PM Modi On ABP News: Before the last and seventh phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an exclusive interview to ABP News. During this, PM Narendra Modi spoke openly on the government’s roadmap to become the world’s third largest economy and the export of Brahmos missile. Along with this, he answered questions ranging from his daily routine on the day of the election results to finding time to conduct a review meeting of cyclone Remal amidst the hectic campaigning and chaos.

What is the roadmap to become the world’s third largest economy?

In an interview to ABP News, PM Modi, on the question of the roadmap to become the third largest economy in the world, said, ‘When the country’s economy was at 11, we came down to 5. 11 to 5 is a very big jump. We have to see what happened in the country due to that. How many kilometers of road were built earlier? How much is built now? How many houses were built for the poor earlier? How many are built now? How much grain did the poor get earlier? How much do they get now? What facilities did the poor get for health earlier? How much do they get today?’

He said, ‘Look from any parameter. If one person in the family earns, then the family makes its budget on how to use that income. When two people start earning, then from that date their budget changes. When the size of the economy grows, then you have expertise. You can distribute it well. When the economy goes from 11 to 5, then the size increases. If it goes from 5 to 3, then your strength increases suddenly. This changes the way the world looks at you. They finance in a liberal way, then the burden goes on decreasing. I am confident that in the coming 10 years, the decisions we have taken, the ground work we have done, its effect will be seen.’

‘Today people demand double-triple roads’

During the interview, PM Modi narrated an incident from Gujarat. PM Modi said that a delegation from a remote part of Gujarat came to meet me. They demanded that a road be built. I told them that I have come to your place on a scooter, you already have a road. To this they said that we want a private road. I told them what are you talking about, where are private roads built. Earlier, the villagers used to give memoranda to the leaders and MLAs that when there is a famine, relief work is going on, please get soil dumped in our area. Today, if there is a single road, people ask for a double road and if there is a double road, they ask for a triple road.

‘In 10 years, ED had seized only 34 lakhs and now…’

On the question of action against corruption, PM Modi said that mountains of notes are visible in front of the camera. How can this be denied. He said that from 2004 to 2014, ED had seized only 34 lakh rupees. From 2014 to 2024, ED seized 2200 crore rupees. PM Modi said that big people are inside. Who will be there, who will not, I do not know. The papers and files will know, but whether I know it or not, whoever has committed a sin, he knows that his turn is about to come.

PM Modi said in clear words that whatever happened in the last 30 years, earlier action was taken against small fishes. Crocodiles used to go scot free. Now I am surprised that the country is asking why do you touch a crocodile. If ED and CBI do this work then they should be publicly respected.

How will we return the money looted from the poor?

PM Modi said during the interview, ‘My thinking is that the money of the poor should be returned. There should be a money trail of the person who has given the money and the person to whom it has been given. Now this has become possible. Like the land for job scandal in Bihar. It is known whose land it is and it is known which family member got the job. I told the officers to find a way to return their land to them. There is a provision for this in the judicial code as well.’

What is PM Modi’s daily routine on the day of election results?

PM Modi said that I am extra conscious on that day to stay away from those things. No one is allowed to enter my room on that day. Narrating the incident, PM Modi said, ‘In 2002, there were elections in Gujarat. At one o’clock, drums started playing outside my house. I received a letter that party workers want to meet you. Then I came to know what the results were. When I came down, I ordered a nice garland and sweets. After this, I went to Keshubhai Patel’s house and garlanded him and honored him by feeding him sweets. Then I celebrated the results. He said that I remain in a detached mood. I neither pay attention to the trends nor to the results. I work under a mission.’

PM Modi gave this reaction on being called a dictator

During the interview, PM Modi, on being asked about being called a dictator by the opposition, said, ‘I think the dictator community would be the most saddened. They would feel that they have degraded so much. In reality, the dictators would feel that their market has gone down. Abuse and insult are written in our fate. I have lived such a life since childhood. We assume that we will tolerate it. We have heard abuses since childhood. We have no complaint about this.’

PM Modi narrated the story of the slap

PM Modi said that we have been hearing this since childhood. I used to wash cups and plates, the shop where I worked used to scold me sometimes. Sometimes if I gave cold tea to someone, he used to slap me. At that time, tea did not cost even one rupee. So I have no complaints about such things.

PM Modi said this about Muslim reservation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that we should respect the spirit of the Constitution. We should respect what is written in the Constitution. Be it Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Rajendra Prasad or Pandit Nehru, all these people said that there is no reservation on the basis of religion in our country. Today they want to make reservation on the basis of religion. I say that this is an insult to the Constitution. These are their methods to destroy the Constitution. I am not against Muslims. Our Constitution says that there cannot be reservation on the basis of religion.

‘Upper caste reservation did not create distance in society’

He said that there has been a fight every time on the issue of reservation. There has been a division in the society. I am the only person who decided on reservation and also united the society. I decided to give reservation to the poor general category which is not included in SC-ST and OBC. It includes Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhists as well. I did not give reservation on the basis of religion. This reservation came according to their economic condition. Everyone accepted it.

What did PM Modi say on Muslims becoming a vote bank?

PM Modi said that if a close family of the royal family (Gandhi family), which is highly qualified, talks about vote jihad, then it is a matter of concern. If a less educated person talks like this, then it is understandable, but when such a family talks about vote jihad, then it is worrisome. Social justice is guaranteed in my work. Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas is not just a slogan, it applies to everyone.

PM Modi said this on the likes and dislikes of Muslims

During the interview, PM Modi said that it is an essential part of democracy that if everyone likes me, then it cannot be democracy. This cannot be the way. Then it is their compulsion to like me. I don’t want that. The day they get convinced, the day they feel that our future lies in this. Muslims will have to understand that their future is linked with the future of the country.

PM Modi made this demand from the Supreme Court

In an interview with ABP News, PM Modi was questioned on CM Mamata Banerjee’s comment on the decision given by the Kolkata High Court on Muslim reservation in West Bengal. On this, PM Modi said that this type of statement is an insult to the court. You go to court and fight your battle. Telling the court that the decision is according to the BJP is not right. The Supreme Court should take this insult to the court in this way seriously. Whatever action is necessary, it should take. Why should a person insult the court in this way, this is inappropriate.

Which opposition leader is your favourite?

PM Modi said that Pranab Mukherjee was from Congress. He called me three-four times during the 2019 elections. He used to tell me that if you work so hard, who cares about your health. He was from Congress. I was from BJP, still he used to call me. We gave Bharat Ratna to Narasimha Rao. We gave Bharat Ratna to Pranab Da, all this was not done to get votes. We gave Padma Vibhushan to Ghulam Nabi Azad sahab. I have the best relations. Except with the royal family. However, I have been pro-active in their times of trouble.

This story was told about Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi

He said, ‘I have no relation with the royal family, but I have always been there for them in their times of trouble. Maybe there was an election and there was some problem with Rahul Gandhi’s plane in Maharashtra, so I called him immediately. Once Sonia Gandhi was campaigning against me in Kashi, when suddenly her health deteriorated. I immediately asked to bring her to Delhi by a special plane.’

What did PM Modi say about abolishing Article 370?

PM Narendra Modi said, ‘I have lived in Kashmir since the 80s and 90s. When I became the Prime Minister, there was a flood there. I went there. People were in trouble and the government there was not even aware of it. I decided to give one thousand crores there. After this I decided to celebrate Diwali there. When I reached there, a delegation of people met me. They wanted to meet me alone. They said that whatever you do for Jammu and Kashmir, do it directly. Do not involve the government in this. The people there did not trust the state government. I thank the people for voting in Jammu and Kashmir. The people of Kashmir are happy with my decision.’

When will poverty end in the country?

He said that our aim is the same, but its deadline cannot be fixed. I used to organize a Garib Prayan Mela in Gujarat. In this, the work of the officials was to bring the beneficiaries and give them the benefits of the scheme, as per the government schemes. Only through such schemes can people be brought forward. He said that government schemes should be life changing. Today 25 crore people have come out of poverty. The potential of the people should be awakened.

How will the industrial revolution take place in Bengal?

PM Modi said in the interview that Bengal used to lead the country in economic and public reforms. Check out the history of the last 200 years. Bengal will be seen everywhere. There is no dearth of capability and resources in Bengal. Bengal lacks proper leadership. I am not talking only about political leadership. Football is in the DNA of every Bengali, but the country does not win medals in it. If someone had paid proper attention to this, Bengal’s football would have been number one in the world. He said that nothing special will happen just by doing a program like Vibrant Gujarat. An investor would be ready only after working hard. The same will have to be done for Bengal. I have worked hard for 6-6 months in Gujarat.

‘Iqbal Ansari was also present at the consecration of Ram temple’

On the question of the opposition’s distance from the Ram Mandir program, PM Modi said that they have found shortcuts in politics, so they got stuck in vote bank politics. Because of this, they became deeply communal, deeply casteist, deeply nepotistic and did not come out of the mentality of slavery. Otherwise, what is the reason that the laws of the 19th century were changed in the 21st century. He said that Mahatma Gandhi was a great soul in the world. Was it not our responsibility in the last 75 years to make the whole world know Mahatma Gandhi? The first time a film was made on Gandhi, then curiosity arose in the world. He said that we should remain connected to history. When the court gave its verdict, there was peace in the whole country. The consecration of Ram Mandir took place with great pride. Iqbal Ansari, who fought the battle for Babri Masjid, was himself there.

On the question of Brahmos missile, PM Modi said to ABP News- Thank you

In an exclusive interview with ABP News, when PM Modi was asked about the export of Brahmos missile, he congratulated ABP News. He said that I congratulate you for raising this question. If what happened with Brahmos had not happened, the country’s Brahmos missiles worth millions of rupees would have been sold in the world and we would have acquired the capability to make new versions.

Actually, during the tenure of the UPA government, there was a ban on moving the files related to the export of Brahmos missile. He said that a huge underground business of getting weapons from foreign countries was going on inside our country. PM Modi said that a group of western countries was formed. That is why our army could never become self-reliant. After becoming the Prime Minister, I used to make a list of 100 things every year and did not allow any ban on these 100 things. PM Modi said that by now this list must have reached 300. He said that today we are manufacturing worth one lakh crore. Along with this, we have exported goods worth 21 thousand crore.

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